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U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship: Quotes for Champs!

2008 US Open 9-Ball Championship GraphicBilliards buddies and pool players, I just saw an interesting page from the 2008 US Open 9-Ball Championship website, which is one cool find! The page highlights the past champions of the prestigious event with Quotes for Champs by Barry Behrman!

It is one interesting read, friends! And I kid you not!

Quotes for Champs

1976-Mike Sigel: Can always say he was the first and twice more. Hall of Famer.

1977-Allen Hopkins: Twice the Champion and could have won more. Hall of Famer.

1978-Steve Mizerak: There will never be another “Miz”. R.I.P. Hall of Famer. I miss you everyday… Barry

1979-Louie Roberts: Flashy, Thin and handsome young man that carried a big stick. R.I.P. Saint “Louie” Louie

1980-Mike Sigel: “What’s a nice Jewish boy doing playing pool” article written VA Pilot. Hall of Famer

1981-Allen Hopkins: “Young Hoppe” Still looking young and still playing good. Can Win It again! Hall of Famer

1982-David Howard: Hoping the “Giant Killer” comes back this year. Call me.. Barry

1983-Mike Sigel: Won his third title, but claims he won 5. Barry has the records. Sorry Mike, You’re only two away from 5. I will still pay your entrance fee while you’re still young. Hall of Famer

1984-Earl Strickland: First of Five, always the pearl. Can still win! Hall of Famer

1985-Jimmy Reid: Will always be “handsome” with a great attitude. We all hope to see you this year.

1986-David Howard: If you want to have a blast, go to Sawgrass Golf Course, Jacksonville Florida. “I did, I was Lucky and will never forget that day!”

1987-Earl Strickland: Second time just wasn’t enough for the “Pearl”. Hall of Famer

1988-Mike Lebron: 20 Year anniversary this year. Mike’s victorious win defeating Nick Varner twice in the Finals. Oldest player to have ever won, 54 years young.

1989-Nick Varner: Hall of Famer Got pissed off from 1988 and won not once but…

1990-Nick Varner: and again. He is the only player that has ever achieved back to back titles. He always says he should have won it three years in a row. Hall of Famer.

1991-Buddy Hall: First year ESPN, Best finals match ever. 9-8 against Dennis Hatch. Hatch Broke, Hill-Hill, Did not make a ball. The rest is history, Buddy Ran Out. Hall of Famer

1992-Tommy Kennedy: Praise the Lord! Besides playing great pool that week, the lord was on his sideJ Dreams do come true, Kennedy (9) – Archer (1). Yay.

1993-Earl Strickland: Third time was a charm, like a Timex watch, he kept on ticking. Hall of Famer

1994-Efren Reyes: First Foreign Player to have ever won. Rightfully so and maybe the greatest all-a-around player to have played the game. Hall of Famer

1995-Reed Pierce: Played awesome all week and defeated Efren in the finals 9-6. At the time was known primarily as a Bar Table Player and a Fierce Competitor.

1996-Rodney Morris: Won the Grand Prix in Puerto Rico the week before and then Defeated Reyes in the Finals at the Open 11-6

1997-Earl Strickland: Won the U.S. Open at 4 Venues over the years. First year at the New Chesapeake Conference Center. Defeated the Late Great Tony Ellin in the finals 11-8 Hall of Famer

1998-Buddy Hall: At age 53 defeated Tang Hoa 11-5 to capture his second title. Hall of Famer

1999-Johnny Archer: Finally his dream came true. Said, “He would give up all of his titles to be U.S.Open Champion”. Defeated Jeremy Jones 11-7. Very emotional win.

2000-Earl Strickland: 25th Anniversary Champion, Defeated his opponent from Japan for his 5th Title (The Most ever). This record may never be broken unless Earl does it again. Hall of Famer

2001-Corey Deuel: Defeated Mika Immonen and claimed his title as U.S.Open Champion for USA during the horrific week for our country 9/11.

2002-Ralf Souquet: Second foreign player to have won. Defeated Alex Pagulayan 13-11. First televised LIVE U.S.Open Finals. A True Champion, Gentleman of the game. Hail Germany

2003-Jeremy Jones: Double “J” avenged his lost in 1999 to defeat Jose Parica 11-4 in the finals.

2004-Gabe Owen: Year before, watched his Best Friend “Double J” win and went on to win Defeating Thorsten Hohmann 11-3

2005-Alex Pagulayan: Avenged his loss to Ralf Souquet in 2002 and won his first U.S.Open title against Jose Parica 11-6.

2006-John Schmidt: Mr. 400 Played great 9-Ball all week and Defeated Rudolfo Luat in the finals 11-6

2007-Shane Van Boening: Current World Champion, Ronnie Alcano trying to Become U.S.Open Champion in the same year came up short losing to Shane 13-10. Can Shane do what’s only been done once before and defend his title? That’s the big question this year. Good Luck Shane.

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