Sunday, October 19, 2008

OB-2 Cue Shaft from OB-Cues: Debut at the US Open!

OB Cues GraphicBilliards buddies and pool players, guess what! OB Cues will debut the new OB-2 cue shaft at the US Open! And I kid you not!

From what I could gather and all, the new OB-2 cue shaft has all the great features of the OB-1, but in a smaller tip size that minimizes cue ball squirt even more! The OB-2 cue shaft’s Vibration Dampening Core has been modified to give pool players an even more solid hit!


*11.75mm tip diameter
*1/2" Laminated Maple
*Combination pro/conical taper
*Everest Tip by Tiger Products
*Available to fit all the popular joint sizes and styles
*List Price $235.00 for all joint sizes
*$185.00 for Partial cue shafts

And just like the OB-1, the OB-2uses flat laminated maple segments that are individually stress relieved. A total of six segments are bundled together to make each shaft. SR-6 construction combined with the OB-2's all maple ferrule gives a solid feel and performance you just have to experience to believe!

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