Sunday, October 26, 2008

Male Enhancement Products at X4 Labs!

X4 Labs GraphicBryan Erwin San Miguel, a billiards buddy from Marist School, is looking for information on male enhancement, sex toys, and penis enlargement for one of his office mates at Richir Services. His friend is particularly interested whether or not such devices work. Lest I forget, Bryan Erwin also stressed the need to find such info as soon as possible because he also wants to know the truth behind the claims. And I kid you not!

Not known to disappoint, I quickly activated my online search tools to find the answer. My search results brought back a ton of sites including that of X4 Labs. From what I could gather, X4 Labs’ Penis Extender has been clinically proven to provide up to 3 inches of gains. More often than not, a patient will realize about a 33% increase on the starting length and 30-50% in girth. Clinical studies have been carried out on the X4 Penis Extender, and all have touted its usefulness in offering permanent gains.

For those not in the know, X4 Labs continues to perform clinical trials with its customers – gathering before and after pictures that will give everyone a good overall concept of what to expect. The data serves as proof of the efficiency and effectiveness of X4 Labs’ devices.


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