Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Horizon Prep: A Private Christian School in San Diego!

Horizon Prep GraphicFe Asinas, a billiards buddy, is looking for private Christian schools in San Diego. My pool player wants to find such for her nephews and nieces. Successful and all in life, Fe is shouldering all expenses for them. I activated my online search tools and browsed the World Wide Web information retrieval system using the following keywords - Christian school San Diego, private Christian school San Diego, and Christian school Rancho Santa Fe. My search results brought back tons of good sites, including that of Horizon Prep.

From what I could gather, Horizon Prep’s mission is to educate students within a Christian context of spiritual, social, mental, and physical development. Horizon Prep solely exists to help students cultivate a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, while discovering and encouraging their gifts and inspiring each student to realize his/her full potential in serving God both in spirit and in truth.

Horizon Prep’s vision is coupled with its vision of preparing a generation of spiritually-mature, academically-advanced, physically-equipped, and socially-developed persons for a life of opportunity and service to the glory of God. And it does this with a number of core values in mind, which serve as a passage to be the foundation of Horizon Prep’s philosophy of education. Truth be told, it is an ideal template to provide a Christ-centered environment of learning, everyone. Why so? For one, it is one excellent instructional basis for cultivating the whole child.

But wait, there’s more! Besides the rigorous academic schedule at Horizon Prep, the students are surrounded in a nurturing environment filled with people who love Jesus Christ. Such experience cannot be underestimated because although the core subjects of the learning process are essential and important. After all, it is the knowledge of God’s love that is the greatest gift that one could ever provide. And I kid you not! Finally, every component of each day at Horizon Prep will challenge the child’s abilities, while meeting their needs. Such challenges are learning opportunities of enrichment wherein the child will see the value of integrating their faith into each course and subject that is taught.


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