Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stolen Pool Cues Recovered! Extortion Incident in Michigan!

Stolen Cues GraphicBilliards buddies and pool players, here is a news item from Monroe News concerning theft of pool cues! Truth be told, the news was first made at AZBilliards, including the recovery of the stolen items (half of it). And I kid you not!

Much thanks to Monroe News for the post! Here’s looking forward to the recovery of the rest of the items!

Man Arrested in Extortion Incident

While an undercover police officer watched nearby, an Ypsilanti man attempted to sell custom-made billiard equipment to the owner after the items were stolen from the victim's Ida Township home.

The prearranged exchange occurred Saturday in Dundee and Michigan State Police Detective Sgt. David Meyer of the Monroe post took the surprised suspect into custody without incident. The 48-year-old man, who has a criminal history, is in the county jail and faces charges of possessing stolen property and extortion.

The crime began last week when someone broke into the victim's Ida Township home and stole about $400,000 worth of custom-made billiard equipment, Sgt. Meyer said. The victim told police that he had some remodeling done on his home and the workers could be connected to the burglary.

On Friday, the victim received a telephone call from the suspect who said he had the stolen property and offered to sell it back to the victim. They then made arrangements to meet in Dundee and the police were notified.

On Saturday, Sgt. Meyer followed the victim who met with the suspect at a business. The detective, who was in plain clothes, watched as the equipment exchanged hands. Then he approached the suspect and arrested him.

Sgt. Meyer said the investigation is continuing and a second suspect might be involved.

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