Thursday, October 9, 2008

2008 US Open 9-Ball Championship: The Filipino Pool Players!

For billiards buddies asking for information on Filipino pool players competing in the upcoming 2008 US Open 9-Ball Championship, which will be held on October 19-25, 2008, at the Chesapeake Convention Center in Chesapeake, VI, here it is!

From my interviews and all, the Filipino pool players who will take part in the much-awaited 2008 US Open 9-Ball event include the following: Francisco Django Bustamante from Puyat Sports; Ronnie Alcano of Bugsy Promotions; Lee Vann Corteza, Ramil Bebeng Gallego, Rodolfo Luat, and Warren Kiamco from the Negros Billiard Stable; Marlon Manalo, Santos Sambajon, Leonardo Andam, and Jose Amang Parica.

*For those not in the know, the 2008 US Open 9-Ball Championship has a $40,000 prize! And I kid you not!

Good luck to all the Filipino pool players! Mabuhay!

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