Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gas Fires, Electric Fires & Hole in the Wall Fires at HotPrice!

HotPrice Gas Fires GraphicRiqueza Rodriguez, a billiards pal, is looking for sites offering gas fires, electric fires, and hole in the wall fires products. My pool player friend has just finished remodeling her house and wants the best fire products without spending a fortune. I immediately activated my online search tools to help my beautiful friend. My search results brought back a ton of sites, including that of HotPrice.

HotPrice is a UK retailer of gas fires and electric fires. It stocks all the leading brands of fireplace manufacturers, with styles that vary from conventional to contemporary and modern. HotPrice, which has a price match guarantee, has been featured several times on UK television home makeover programs, e.g., 60 Minute Makeover and Better Homes.

From what I could gather and all, by buying direct from HotPrice, one an enjoy massive discounts off, while having the luxury of the goods delivered door to door! It’s staff has over 30 years combined experience in all aspects of the fireplace industry, e.g., sales, manufacturing, and installation. And with HotPrice’s expertise and strong relationships with leading fires and fireplace manufacturers, one can be assured that it offers top quality products at unbelievably low, low, low prices coupled with excellent customer service surpassing those from high-level street stores!

But wait, there’s more! HotPrice work doubly hard to bring its customers a great selection of quality gas and electric fires at the lowest price possible. Remember the price matching I was talking about earlier? Well, here it is! HotPrice offers competitive price matching and will always give its all in matching or beating any genuine competitors price in the United Kingdom for the same product every time! And I kid you not! All has one to do is provide HotPrice with details about the item of interest. HotPrice will then work to verify the information - usually within the same day- so that one may then place the order promptly! Truth be told, that’s more bang for the buck, friends!


tony said...

my electric fireplace it is lovely , i bought from and the delivery was really quik in the UK

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Enjoy your new acquisition, friend!

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