Saturday, October 4, 2008

Social Media Marketing at Advanced Media Productions!

Advanced Media Productions GraphicCarly Pao, a billiards buddy, sent me a social media marketing link to check out – Advanced Media Productions. My pool player friend highlighted the benenfits of working with Advanced Media Productions, with emphasis on its social media marketing services.

From what Carly Pao has told me, Advanced Media Productions has been a leader in providing large companies, mid- and small-sized businesses with online marketing and web development services for the past 12 years. These include website design, Internet marketing, web development and integration, managed hosting, search engine marketing, and e-business consulting.

For those not in the know, social media marketing is initiated on social media websites, e.g., YouTube, Digg, Delicious, Facebook, MySpace, Wikipedia, Flickr, and blogs. The concept relies on the premise that a marketing message can be effectively distributed throughout the social web to invite people to communicate, interact, and share it with other people.

Make no mistake about it, social media marketing is different from word of mouth marketing! Social media marketing is a marketing strategy that is based on connecting directly with target communities, enticing and engaging them, and generating content or discussion online. And this is the strength of Advanced Media Productions. Advanced Media Productions’ social media, SEO and paid search experts will determine clients' goals and objectives, target audience, content, and messaging and social media mix. They will focus on those tactics with the greatest potential for generating website traffic and visual brand exposure, while building campaigns with optimum user engagement at the lowest risk.

Now, I fully understand why Carly Pao is very much excited with Advanced Media Productions’ social media marketing services. Truth be told, the services offered by Advanced Media Productions, leverage social media and consumer-generated content to significantly improve conventional search engine optimization efforts! Thus, for those looking for social media marketing services, check out Advanced Media Productions. It may just be your ticket to fame and fortune on the Internet computer network! And I kid you not!


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