Saturday, October 11, 2008

How To Clean Your Pool Cue!

Predator SE-19 Limited Edition Pool Cue by Samsara GraphicFor billiards buddies and pool players asking how I keep my pool cues looking brand new, this one’s for you! And I kid you not!

I got these tips from my good friend, Sygfrid Santos. Much thanks to Sygfrid for these wonderful tips!

How To Clean Your Pool Cue

*Cover the tip & wood part of the shaft. Brush the ferrule with moistened old toothbrush & toothpaste to remove dirt, then wipe dry

For regular maintenance, burnish & clean it at the same time with a SUEDE microfiber (Microtex)

When the shaft gets really dirty:

*I use a mircrofiber terry cloth and damp it with mild soap & water solution (cloth must be squeezed dry so as not to wet the shaft), & wipe it briskly onto the shaft not long enough to let moisture reach the shaft's core, which can lead to warpage.

*Then I burnish it quickly to remove the moisture instantly

*You may use Magic Eraser but make sure to squeeze it dry. You may need 2000+ grit sandpaper to smoothen it

*I'm not a fan of using alcohol since it's a foreign substance to wood and therefore may affect its molecular structure (trees live on water, not on alcohol). The mere fact that alcohol stings our skin when we have wounds, the effect may also be the same with wood

Regular Maintenance:

*I use 2 terry cloth microfibers (California) to wipe the butt after the game. A damp microfiber to remove oil & dirt, and a dry one to dry it of course
*I apply a wax (3M Perfect-It or Mothers Carnauba) once a month to protect my cue butts from dirt and oxidation such as sweat

Quarterly Maintenance:

*Since all of my cue butts have automotive finish, I use a 3step detailing process using like I do with my car to keep them shiny (I use MOTHERS):

1. Polish- removes oxidation from the finish & brings back that deep wet-look shine
2. Seal & Glaze- removes light scratches by filling them, and gives that candy-like gloss
3. Wax- protects steps 1&2 by acting as a sacrificial layer against dirt & oxidation (such as sweat)


Be careful of the type of cloth that you use on your cues especially on the butt. You'll notice that cloths have different weaves or loops. SUEDE microfibers are more suitable for burnishing but not polishing as it doesn't trap dirt well because of it's smoother weave, therefore it can scratch the finish if used on the cue butt. Terry cloth microfibers have bigger loops to trap dirt, hence suitable for polishing (and even washing cars). Also, don't use the same cloth on the butt as you do with the shaft as chalk from the shaft gets trapped on the cloth and if used on the butt, might act like a sandpaper and therefore ruin the butt's finish.

"The AnitoKid loves beautiful pool cues!"

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