Saturday, September 6, 2008

US Open 9-Ball Championships! Field is Open!

US Open 9-Ball Championships GraphicBilliards buddies, pool players, and fans of the cue sport, the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships has decided to open the field to give all the great pool players from the United States and all over the world the opportunity to play in this year’s U.S. Open in light of rumors of the possible cancellation of the 2008 World 9-Ball Championship!

It goes without saying that more players mean more money added to the prize! All additional entries will be added to the total amount to exceed $250,000! And I kid you not!

Pool players must have their $600.00 entry fee paid by October 12, 2008, to avoid the late fee of $50.

*For those not in the know, Nick Varner is the only U.S. Open Champion in history to have achieved two consecutive championships in 1989-1990! Will Shane Van Boening successfully defend his title and make history in the longest running 9-ball event in the world? Watch the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships on October 19-25, 2008, and find out!

"The AnitoKid supports the US Open!"

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