Monday, September 1, 2008

Poker Tables & Poker Chips at Flop2River!

Flop2River Graphic

My billiards buddy, Janette Ventura, from the YoYo Billiards Club, is currently on the look out for poker tables and equipment. My pool player friend has partnered with her long-time pal, Maria Teresa Verocel, to put up a poker club in their area. Not known to disappoint, I got my online search tools and browsed the World Wide Web for such. I came upon a ton of sites, with one page standing out among the rest -

A quick browse of reveals that the site aims to provide poker players quality products, e.g., poker table, designed to enhance their card playing experience. Some of the products offered at include a wide assortment of poker chips, poker tables and chairs, poker racks, casino chips, gaming chips, and more!

What particularly got me excited were’s pages on poker chip sets and poker tables - over 60 videos in all! Poker chip or poker table video and other detailed pictures can be found on each of the pages at And next to each chip and table is a related product section that highlights the poker chip set packages, including the specific chip and table! Awesome!

But wait, there’s more! also can come up with a custom package for leagues, events, etc. using its unique poker tables to customized chips and poker accessories that guests will be raving about once they see ‘em! And I kid you not!


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