Sunday, September 7, 2008

Apartment Hunting & Roommates Search at Roomster!

Roomster GraphicMy billiards pal, Peter Aloysius Mossesgeld, is currently looking for an apartment and/or roommate. Peter has asked me to help him out search for sites that may offer such services and all. My pool player friend is a real nice guy, and though I’m very busy with my billiards bar thing, I took some time off for him.

My every reliable online search tools highlighted a number of interesting sites, including that of Roomster touts itself as a leader in online apartment, sublet, and roommate hunting. Its site has a number of interesting features, including Google maps, last member login, quick messages, quick links, and the apartments to share feature. The site’s ease of use and large active membership may just be the ideal help that Peter Aloysius Mossesgeld is looking for! And I kid you not!

To access all Roomster’s features, one just has to create a profile. And it’s free, too! Roomster’s Basic Membership allows one to search, post, and contact the other members for free. This kind of account allows anyone, and everyone, access to roommates throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. But wait, there’s more! Roomster’s Full Membership features all the functionality that a Basic Membership offers, plus access to a safe and secure private mailbox on! And lest I forget, Roomster will not post your name, address, phone number, or e-mail address anywhere on the site, unless one enters such information in non-sanctioned areas! Roomster will never disclose or sell your personal information to outside parties! That’s a guarantee from Roomster!


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