Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Manny Pacquiao vs. Oscar dela Hoya: Training!

Manny Pacquiao GraphicI just read a very interesting article about Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao enjoying himself with his latest passion, golf. I guess Manny Pacquiao, aka The Pacman, is in no rush getting started with his training for the upcoming fight with Oscar dela Hoya, aka The Golden Boy, in December 2008.

Manny Pacquiao is into golf daily, either at the driving range, hitting seven buckets each visit, or at the golf course itself, playing with hometown buddies. Pacman was seen playing a round at the Kalsangi Golf and Country Club in Polomolok, South Cotabato. And when he was in Manila, Manny played for four straight days at Wack Wack with some of his friends, e.g., former Comelec chairman Ben Abalos, sportsman Hermie Esguerra, and Eric Pineda.

Meanwhile, Oscar dela Hoya is already in Puerto Rico gearing up for the historic bout on December 6, 2008. Posts say that the Golden Boy has been into running and light workouts in Puerto Rico for about a week now, and plans to move to Big Bear in October 2008. For those not in the know, Big Bear is a mountain resort northeast of Los Angeles, California. It is one of the favorite training camps of big-time boxers preparing for their big fights. Oscar delay Hoya is scheduled to be there in October 2008, all the way to the fight.

Pacman plans to fly to Los Angeles, California, on or before September 15, 2008, to begin training at the Wild Card Gym owned by Freddie Roach. And by that time, Manny would still have over 70 days to prepare for the exciting showdown. That should be the longest, and possibly toughest training camp, for Manny Pacquiao, who believes that 10 or 12 weeks of training is enough for his upcoming showdown.

Truth be told, Manny Pacquiao knows himself best and playing golf may help keep him in shape – although he is a little over 150 pounds now. If Manny believes that 10 or 12 weeks of training is enough for Oscar dela Hoya, then so be it. Pacquiao knows himself best (sometimes) and sees no problem with his weight, even if he has to move up two divisions higher to meet the Golden Boy at 147 pounds. If Manny Pacquiao can make 130 pounds against Juan Manuel Marquez in March 2008, and 135 pounds in June 2008, there’s no reason he cannot make or at least come close to 147 pounds by the end of the year!

The Manny Pacquiao vs. Oscar dela Hoya fight - I just can't wait! And I kid you not!

Good luck Manny!

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