Friday, September 19, 2008

MiniClip, Free Games & Yahoo Games at WeGame!

WeGame GraphicDin Atienza, a billiards buddy, sent me an email requesting for some of the best social gaming websites that feature MiniClip, free games, and Yahoo games. You see, my pool player friend is interested in spending some quality gaming time with his daughter, Athena. Now known to disappoint, I activated my ever-reliable online tools and searched the World Wide Web information retrieval for such. My search brought back a ton of sites including that of Wegame!

Wegame is a social gaming website that features a ton of games for all types of gamers! It is a media sharing platform for gamers and has been in public beta since January 2008. Investors abound at Wegame, including True Ventures, The Hit Forge, SoftTech VC, Ryan Scott, and Ariel Poler. The social gaming website’s team is composed of Jared Kim, Bill Palmer, Andrew Bright, Jeff Gorndt, Anna Palacios, Brandon Dennis, Paul Traylor, Dat Nguyen, Andrew Hao, and Vivek Tatinemi. Wegame’s interns for the summer of 2008 include Stephen Mullane, Billy Grissom, Gongmyung Lee, and Peng Xiao. Wow! The list is quite impressive! And I kid you not!

What is great about Wegame is how it categorized its list of games. These include action, adventure, classic, fighting, puzzle, racing, shooting, RPG, strategy, and sports. Some of the more popular game choices that can be found at this great social gaming website are Shooter, The Last Stand, 3 Foot Ninja, Hedgehog Launcher, Sombrero Sledge Hammer, Paw Frenzy, Kill It, Tony Massacre, Fellowship of Kings, Caraveneer, Mystic Circle, Boombot, Dinno Run, Quick Racer, Omega Tower Defense 2, Sea of Fire 2, Zombie Tower Defense, The Battle, S.T.A.R. Defense, Raptek Arena, and Arcane. But wait, there’s more! Wegame also features Battle Mechs, Rocketman, Infiltration, Breakout, Grid16, Space Invaders, Space Asteroids, Rubik Cube, Doodie Defender, Pirate Race, SandStorm, Quick Racer, Platform Racing, Formula D, DuckNCover, Flash Olympics, Hyper Drive X, Shark Surf, TrackStar, AstroFlyer, et cetera!

Lest I forget, Wegame also has a nice section highlights its featured games, top games, the latest games, popular games for the week! Moreover, it also has a group page where anyone, and everyone, can join, chat, and ask questions about their favorite online games! And, last but definitely not the least, the social gaming site has a rankings for this week section featuring the video upload game of the week! This will definitely be a hit to those wanting to find out the best games online – and in real time, too!


Anonymous said...

WeGame looks like a great site! Thanks for sharing.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Indeed, it is! And I kid you not!


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