Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ultrasound Schools & Medical Assistant Training at My Career Education!

My Career Education GraphicNam Seung-Chan, a billiards buddy, asked me to help him find sites that aid people find information on various medical careers and training programs. You see, Nam Seung-Chan is particularly interested in ultrasound schools, with emphasis on those offering ultrasound technician and medical assistant training.

As everyone knows, online education is increasing in popularity exponentially! Colleges and universities are developing immersive and interactive virtual classroom programs, trying to become the optimal personalized online education environment for students. And more online schools are offering greater variety of programs for professionals interested in advancing their education without jeopardizing their career. These are the primary reasons why my pool player friend wants to search for sites.

My online search tools brought back a ton of sites, including My Career Education. My Career Education offers information on schools that provide excellent career preparation in specialized areas. At My Career Education On, one can review curriculum, degree requirements, and request additional information directly from the schools in our network – all for free! The site simplifies the process of searching for the right program to meet one’s educational and career objectives, while respecting personal and professional commitments.

For those wanting to further their education and all, try My Career Education. It may just be your diploma to higher learning! And I kid you not!


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On-the-job training for medical assistants usually entails several months of training sessions, as well as working closely with more experienced workers while being supervised by either a physician or nurse. Yes you can find employment with out an extended education, however job placement will be much easier if one is at least certified. Assistant Medical Schools

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