Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Do It Yourself Logo Design at LogoYes!

LogoYes GraphicJudy Jimenez, a billiards buddy from California, is looking for a do it yourself logo design site for her logo design needs. You see, my pool player friend wants to design her own logo for her soon-to-debut billiards bar in Hayward, and wants to personally oversee the design of her logo, which will be one of her marketing tools in making the business a success.

My search on the World Wide Web brought back a lot of interesting sites, including LogoYes. LogoYes offers a free online service to create one’s logo using its patent-pending process. If I wanted to design a logo myself, LogoYes will surely be one of my top picks because LogoYes is a true try-before-you-buy service. If you do not like what you created, you pay nothing! Zit! Nada! Zero! Wala!

From what I could gather, LogoYes is the leading provider of do-it-yourself logos and other premium design products to small businesses around the globe. Founded by the designer-writer team of John and Elizabeth Williams, LogoYes’ popularity stems from its pioneering work on do-it-yourself logo creation, which it has a patent pending. The site’s high quality of symbols and ease of use have made it one of the Internet’s most popular design sites today!

Truth be told, you will never know what a truly great logo you can create until you try LogoYes, which allows anyone to create a truly professional Logo that looks as good on a billboard as it does on a business card. It’s empowering everyone to be at their creative finest! And I kid you not!


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