Sunday, September 21, 2008

Handle Chicago Video Production Needs at Richter Studios!

Richter Studios GraphicChristine Stokes, a billiards buddy of mine is currently looking for a Chicago video production outfit for her video production needs. She sent me an email, and text messages, too, asking for help! With flair and gusto, I activated my ever-reliable online search tools to find one! And guess what, friends? My search results brought me back to Richter Studios!

As you all know, Richter Studios has been creating presentations for over 10 years! These include custom presentations for multi-million dollar projects, to enterprise-based presentation deliveries – all visually stunning! And all state-of-the-art presentations!

Richter Studios accommodates corporate, training, trade show, recruitment, marketing, sales, television, or promotional video needs. Richter Studios can shoot in any format and from any location! It also has special post-production services for those who already have the footage. Moreover, Richter Studios’ editors and animators are all world class in their respective fields, including 2D graphics, 3D animations, logo animations, text treatments, stylized effects and animation. Interactive concerns? No worries! Richter Studios also has extensive know-how in Flash, and CD or DVD programming! It goes without saying that with such a team, Richter Studios can make any video production an eye-catching masterpiece! And I kid you not!


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