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Jinkee Pacquiao: Thoughts on Manny Pacquiao vs. Oscar de la Hoya Fight!

Manny Pacquiao GraphicManny Pacquiao vs. Oscar de la Hoya - Some of my billiards buddies have been asking for interesting reads on the upcoming Manny Pacquiao vs. Oscar dela Hoya fight. Not known to disappoint, I browsed the Internet computer network and highlighted some of the interesting posts about the bout.

And from ABS-CBN News, here is an interesting article highlighting the thoughts of Jinkee Pacquiao (Manny Pacquiao's wife) on the December 2008 fight. Enjoy!

*Credits for the post all go to the author, Roy Medina, and ABS-CBN News. Much thanks!

Jinkee Didn’t Want Manny to Fight Oscar

Manny Pacquiao
's wife has said that she initially did not want her husband to fight Oscar de la Hoya because the Mexican-American obviously has the height advantage.

“De la Hoya is much bigger than him and I told him [if it] is possible for [him] to fight someone else first and not de la Hoya [at] this time,” Jinkee Pacquiao told sports analyst Ronnie Nathanielsz.

Jinkee, however, said that Pacquiao already made the decision and she had no choice but to support him. Besides, she said Pacquiao is confident of his chances.

“I know he can make it and he is confident he can win and we will support him all the way,” she said. lists de la Hoya at 5' 10 1/2" while Pacquiao stands four inches lower.

The blockbuster fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena has been the talk of the boxing world ever since de la Hoya announced his plan to retire though he would want to fight one last time before hanging his gloves.

Almost immediately, Pacquiao's name came up as the possible cap to de la Hoya's career that began as a member of the US Olympic boxing team in the 1990s.

Negotiations went back and forth for quite some time and there were announcement that it will not take place after all since both camps failed to agree on the revenue sharing.

But last month, hopes were rekindled after Pacquiao's camp agreed to the deal.

Last weekend, Pacquiao reiterated that he remains confident against de la Hoya.

"Ako, kaya laging malakas ang loob ko, laging positive ang iniisip ko lagi, na lagi akong mananalo dahil nandiyan ang mga tao sa likod ko, na naninwala, lalong lalo na 'yung mga fans ko na laging sumusuporta," he said before leaving for the United States for his training.

Pacquiao added that he relishes being the underdog since this would help him strive more for the victory.

"Alam mo mas masarap lumaban nang dehado ka," he said.

"Dahil dehado ka e gusto mong maipakita sa mga tao na kahit dehado ito, pwedeng panlaban," he added.

With regard to the Golden Boy's height advantage, Pacquiao said his trainer and coach Freddie Roach has tapped the services of bigger and heavier sparring partners to help him simulate de la Hoya's taller physique.

"Matangkad yata ang kinuha ni Freddie Roach, at malalaki ang timbang para di ako manibago kay de la Hoya," he said.

He also said that sparring sessions will start in October at Roach's Wild Card Gym in Hollywood, California.

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