Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blog Services & Message Board Forums at Thoughts dot com!

Thoughts dot com GraphicGeneroso Sangalang, a billiards buddy of mine from Los Angeles, California, asked for my views on, a novel blog community that combines personal blogging and message board forums under one roof. My pool player friend stumbled upon while surfing the World Wide Web information retrieval system last week, and was quite intrigued with its wide range of blog services and all.

From what I could gather, is a blogging community that offers unlimited bandwidth for one’s photo albums and video hosting files. It is made up of a diverse mix of people debating everything under the sun, e.g., religion and politics. And creating a free blog at only takes a moment and is absolutely free! In fact, the site makes it easy for anyone, and everyone, to get visitors to one’s blog. How so? provides bloggers with an instant audience! Indeed, that is great news for everyone wanting to share their views and opinions via the Internet computer network!

Lest I forget, also has live news discussions for everything about current events! And just like its other features, it is absolutely free! And I kid you not! Set yourself apart! Visit – it may just be the online community you are looking for!


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