Sunday, May 15, 2011

World Ten Ball Championship Finals! Match Schedule of the FInal Four!

Carlo Biado GraphicCarlo Biado - Bugsy Promotions

A Filipino, a Chinese, a Japanese, and a European will battle it out for one of billiards’ most coveted titles, the World Ten Ball Championship, today at the World Trade Center in Pasay City!

The three Asian players who have made it to the Final Four are Carlo Biado of the Philippines, Fu Jianbo of China, and Yukio Akakariyama of Japan. Huidji See of the Netherlands is the lone representative of Europe, which has won the first two stagings of the tournament following wins by Darren Appleton of Great Britain in 2008 and Mika Immonen of Finland in 2009.

The 27-year-old Biado, who plays for Bugsy Promotions, continues to surprise everyone with his superb position play and excellent pocketing skills. Yesterday, he brought the house down on three world champions, i.e., compatriot Ronnie Alcano (Negros Billiards Stable and JSY Sports) in the last 32, Daryl Peach in the last 16, and Dennis Orcollo (Bugsy Promotions) in the quarterfinals.

Biado’s hard work these past few months has helped catapult him to where he is now. He kept himself in shape and logged extra minutes working on his breaks, one of the most important shots in billiards. The Filipino pool player played at least 50 racks, 3x a week, working on his breaks. Moreover, he kept himself in good condition by resting early – knowing that one needs good conditioning for the long stretch in a championship tour.

One of Biado’s memorable matches in the 2011 World Ten Ball Championship was his win over compatriot Orcollo. Orcollo came off an exciting, but exhausting, hill-hill match over Wu Jia Qing, the pool player formerly known as Wu Chia Ching, of China. Against Biado, Orcollo appeared to have lost the energy needed in making the push for the finals.

Orcollo, aka The Robocop, fell behind, 2-8, in the match, and found himself on the brink of elimination against the more energetic Biado. The Robocop tried his darndest best for a come back – but ‘twas not to be! The closest that Asia's Money Game King could get to Biado was four racks at 8-4! And I kid you not! In the 13th rack, Orcollo left an opening for Biado at the end of their exchange of safety shots, which was more than enough for Biado to sink the yellow 1-ball. And when there were only three balls left on the table - scattered and all near the pockets - Orcollo conceded, signalling Biado’s entry into the semi-finals.

All four pool players competing in the semifinals of the 2011 World Ten Ball Championship are assured of at least $15,000. The champion of the World Pool-Billiard Association-sanctioned event will get the lion’s share of $60,000 from the total prize fund of $250,000. The runner-up will get $30,000.

Will the World Ten Ball crown remain in Europe’s possession or will the championship head east and go to Asia for the first time after three stagings? Find out, today, May 15, 2011, in the Pool Capital of the World! Watch it live as the Final Four battle it out for the glory!

Last Day Match Schedule

9:00 AM - 1st Semifinals (taped)
Yukio Akakariyama vs. Huidji See

12:00 PM - 2nd Semifinals (LIVE)
Carlo Biado vs. Fu Jianbo


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