Monday, May 16, 2011

Aged Corporations for Sale

Wholesale Shelf Corporations GraphicOne of my billiards buddies, James Andrew Molato, is looking for Shelf Corporations, i.e., Shelf Corporations for Sale or Shelf Corporations with Credit. You see, James knows the advantages of utilizing shelf corporations, also known as Aged Corporations, which come with several years in business and give instant credibility, reputation, history, and business credit to the buyer. He has carefully contemplated on the various facets that go into deciding to acquire one or more Aged Corporations for sale or Aged Corporations with Credit and is now raring to go ahead with it.

My pool player friend sent me the link to the website he has chosen to realize his business goals - Wholesale Shelf Corporations. A quick browse at the site reveals that Wholesale Shelf Corporations sell Aged Corporations – with most of such coming from Wyoming or Nevada. And get this, most of the Shelf Corporations being sold by Wholesale Shelf Corporations have a neutral name! Now, that is neat!

Lest I forget, Wholesale Shelf Corporations’ business for Aged Shelf Corporations comes with a lowest price guarantee! Yes, you read right, friends! Wholesale Shelf Corporations will beat any competitor’s price or give you $1,968 worth of extras for free! And you can get those extras even if you do not buy from Wholesale Shelf Corporations! Now, that is one awesome deal! And I kid you not!


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