Monday, May 16, 2011

Carlo Biado's Run in the World Ten Ball Championship!

Carlo Biado GraphicOur very own, Carlo Biado, lost to Fu Jianbo of China, 5-9, in the LIVE semi-finals match of the 2011 World Ten Ball Championship held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

According to the rising star from Bugsy Promotions (managed by Mr. and Mrs. Perry and Verna Mariano), he was not able to sleep from excitement – and stayed awake the night before the much-anticipated semi-finals match thinking how he should play given the competition and the sheer magnitude of it all.

Biado accepted the fact that he was quite nervous before that semi-finals match – and understandably so! For those not in the know, this is the farthest that the 27-year-old pool player from La Union has realized in a world championship event! But amidst the nervousness and all, Biado summoned strength, might, and will to play his game on the TV table - relinquishing the anonymity that he enjoyed the previous days at the pool tables in the elimination area as he gunned down champion after champion after champion.

LIVE! With all the lights and cameras focused on him for the millions of fans from the world over to see! Truth be told, this is what it is all about! From the moment that the semi-finals started, Biado was no longer one of the rising stars from the Pool Capital of the World! He is now a semi-finalist for one of the sports’ most-coveted titles!

Indeed, fans were silent as Fu stacked 8 racks against Biado’s 1 in their semi-finals match! Fu was ready and all to deliver the final blow at the start of the 10th rack when he scratched off the break! On the brink of defeat, Biado found himself with the gargantuan task of pulling one huge upset! Two choices, i.e., it’s either a come-from-behind victory from his opponent sitting comfortably on the hill or nothing.

In a never-say-die fashion, and to the delight of the Filipino audience and all, Biado strung four straight racks with his Predator cue! From 8-1, the score was now 8-5! Just four more and all is a go! Everyone held their breath! You could literally feel the Filipino crowd wanting Biado to win! 'Twas electrifying! And I kid you not!

However, ‘twas not meant to be. In the 14th rack, the former caddie-turned pool player had an unforced error, i.e., a miscalculated preparation for the 5-ball after the cue ball bump into the 9 and 6. The protagonists then battled it out with safeties – with Fu getting the better of the exchanges and having the 5-ball out in the open. The Chinese pool player sank the 5-ball, but missed a straight-in shot on the green 6! But there was no clear shot on the 6-ball, though. Biado was then forced to make a bank shot, which left the table open again for Fu, who cleaned up table for the win.

Carlo Biado, the never-say-die pool player from Bugsy Promotions, netted the biggest finish and paycheck of his career – a semi-finals showing at the 2011 World Ten Ball Championship and US$15,000. Congratulations on your impressive run, Carlo! Mabuhay!

"The AnitoKid, the smart choice!"

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