Monday, January 31, 2011

Dennis Orcollo Wins 9-Ball Title at Derby City Classic!

Dennis Orcollo GraphicCongratulations to Filipino pool player Dennis Orcollo, aka Robocop, for walking away with the 9-Ball title of the 2011 Derby City Classic! Orcollo, who plays for Bugsy Promotions, routed Shane Van Boening in the finals. Not to be saddened and all, Van Boening cinched the All-Around Title of the 2011 Derby City Classic.

Orcollo was the final player to use his buy-back and crushed Mika Immonen 7-1 in the semifinals. In the finals, an overcut 3 ball by Van Boening deposited him in his chair for that game and the four following, as the Robocop picked his way through rack after rack. Up 5-0, Orcollo came up empty on the break, and after exchanging a couple of innings each, Van Boening won that rack to finally get on the board. However, it was all over when Van Boening missed the 5-ball in the next. Orcollo easily cleared the table and broke and ran the final rack. Final score: 7-2! Indeed, ‘twas an awesome win for the Robocop on his 32nd birthday!

Happy birthday and congratulations, Dennis!

Payouts for the 2011 Derby City Classic
Master of the Table

1st - Shane Van Boening - $20,000
2nd - Alex Pagulayan - $3,000
3rd - Dennis Orcollo - $2,000

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