Sunday, February 10, 2008

D'Professional 9-Ball Club's Feb. 1 Tour at The Hobbies of Asia Billiards Hall! 1 of 2!

9-Ball Competition GraphicFriends, here is part 1 of 2 of pics on the fun we had at D’Professional 9-Ball Club's First Singles Event Competition for 2008, which was held at the Hobbies of Asia Billiards Hall, Macapagal Ave, Pasay City. Enjoy!

9-Ball Competition GraphicMr. Ted Simon of Philippine Airlines with some of the participants

9-Ball Competition GraphicD'Professional 9-Ball Club's First Singles Event
was participated in by 16 Class A players
and 32 Class B pool players

9-Ball Competition GraphicD'Professional 9-Ball Club's home is the
Hobbies of Asia Billiard Hall,
Macapagal Avenue, Pasay City.

9-Ball Competition GraphicThe Hobbies of Asia Billiard Hall features
original Brunswick Billiards pool tables.
Great food and ambiance characterize Hobbies of Asia!

9-Ball Competition GraphicD'Professional 9-Ball Club's founder
is Ted Simon of Philippine Airlines.
No, this is not him.

9-Ball Competition ImageEto na s'ya - Mr. Ted Simon!

9-Ball Competition ImageTrying to forecast the daily double! :)

9-Ball Competition ImageSerious and all. And they should be!
Up for grabs are tropies and money prizes! Wow!

9-Ball Competition ImageI will win this pool tour! By hook or by crook! I will win!
I'm on top of the pool chain! Yee-haa!

9-Ball Competition ImageDead stroke. Dead serious.

9-Ball Competition ImageDangerously accurate. Dangerously precise.

9-Ball Competition ImageGeometry, trigonometry and physics define his take on billiards.

9-Ball Competition ImageThe break of all breaks!
Clocked at so many miles per hour to count!
Naubos ata lahat! :)

9-Ball Competition ImageLemme think. Lemme think.
After all is said and done, pool is a mental game.
I think! :)

For more pics on D'Professional 9-Ball Club's First Single's Event,
please click here friends!

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