Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Four World Champions Relied On Predator Shaft Technology!

Predator Cues GraphicBilliards buddies and pool players, did you know that four of the last World Champions, i.e., Darren Appleton, Daryl Peach, Ralf Souquet, and Niels Feijen, battled their way to victory with the accuracy and consistency of a Predator shaft leading the way? Yes, they did! And I kid you not!

With his 3142 shaft, Darren Appleton, of Great Britain, took first place out of 128 of billiard’s top players worldwide in the inaugural 2008 WPA World 10-Ball Championship. The reigning 2007 WPA World 9-Ball Champion, Daryl Peach, of Great Britain, also used his 3142 shaft to secure his title, which he will hold until the next tournament in 2009. Ralf Souquet, of Germany, won the 2008 WPA World 8-Ball Championship title with his 3142, while Niels Feijen, of the Netherlands, had his 3142 shaft to break his way to victory in the 2008 WPA World Straight Pool Championship!

From World 8-Ball Champion Ralf Souquet, aka The Kaiser, “To compete at the highest level, consistency and precision are key. That’s why I made the decision to switch to the best shaft. The Predator 3142 helps me stay at the top of my game.”

Predator 314-2 and Z-2 shaft technology uses a unique 10-piece splicing construction for unmatched consistency. Proprietary front-end technology creates a lighter, more flexible shaft; this combined with a shorter ferrule MaxLite and the Uni-Loc Original joint system provides unrivaled accuracy.

Predator Cues, an international billiards industry leader, is a high-performance, professional pool cue producer focused on developing revolutionary technology that enhances performance for billiards players worldwide. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, Predator Cues is a division of The Predator Group whose core brands also include Poison Billiards and Uni-Loc.

Predator Cues – simply the manufacturer of the best pool cues in the world!

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