Thursday, December 25, 2008

Billiards Buddies & Pool Players: Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas GraphicMuch thanks to the partners and sponsors, friends and supporters, clubs and leagues of The AnitoKid!

I truly enjoy working with each and every one of you and appreciate your confidence and support! Truth be told, you continually show the leadership and ability to get things done, which serve as an inspiration to us all – making the billiards industry the success that it is! And I kid you not!

Again, many thanks for all your trust and support! I could not have done it without you! Here’s looking forward to another year of exciting news and developments in the pool world – another great year of friendship and all!

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"It's always holiday goodness with The AnitoKid!"

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Janette Toral said...

Wow AnitoKid. Your 2008 has been prety exciting. I'm sure your 2009 will be better. All the best and Merry Christmas!

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Hi Ms. Janette!

Many thanks for the warm wishes!
You did very well too, my friend!
And I kid you not!

Merry Christmas!


It's always a runout at The Runout TV!