Monday, December 1, 2008

Paintball Excitement in Indianapolis at the White River Paintball Field & White River Paintball Pro-Shop!

White River Paintball Field GraphicEdward Bolinao, a billiards buddy from Marist School, sent me an email with the subject heading, Indianapolis, Indiana paintball. My pool player friend is searching the Internet for any info paintball in Indianapolis, and is asking my help and all. I quickly activated by ever-reliable online search tools to aid my pal. My search results highlighted a number of good sites on the subject at hand, including that of the White River Paintball Field and the White River Paintball Pro-Shop.

From what I could gather, the White River Paintball Field is conveniently located in the Indianapolis, Indiana, metro area. It features a 126-acre paintball field, including a full service pro-shop. Founded in 1999, the White River Paintball Field is insured and certified by the NSERA Paintball League.

Specializing in servicing first-time, recreational, and scenario paintball players, one can actually play on all six of its wooded/scenario paintball playing fields, including The Battlefield. Moreover, there is absolutely no time limit for Private Party and Open Play paintball games at the White River Paintball Field! Thus, one can actually play as long as they want! And I kid you not!

For those looking for excitement that only paintball can bring, come to White River Paintball Field for an Open Play session! Better yet, set up your Private Party and experience the joys and thrills of paintball! Shoot ‘em well, friends!


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