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Final Match: World Grand Villards Billiards Event at Trinoma Mall!

Grand Villards Billiards Event GraphicBilliards pals and pool players, here is Part 4 of 4 of Charlie Williams’ thoughts on the exciting QC Invasion: Quezon City-Philippines vs. The World Grand VILLARds Showdown billiards event held at the Trinoma Mall in Quezon City!

Just like the first three parts, this is one a good read, friends! And I kid you not!

Thrilling Finale : World Team Upsets Team Philippines!
Final Match
By Charlie Williams

The final match was historic. The Philippines again took the early lead at 2-0, and then the World team came back to lead 3-2. Team Philippines this time brought Pagulayan, Bustamante, Kiamco, and Gomez. The World team 4-on-4 consisted of Morris, Wu, Hundal, and Williams once more. The World Team strategy was simple; position shots for Morris, tough shots for Williams, finesse shots for Hundal, and any super tough, hard shots that no one wanted would go to Wu. The order could be manipulated each game. The strategy worked like a charm. Wu was called upon time and time again for every major difficult shot, and Wu delivered each time. Soon the whole crowd and team laughed as hard shots came up and as Williams, Hundal and Morris would size the shot up, simultaneously they would all yell out, "Wu!"

"Arghhhhh!" Pagulayan would scream at the top of his lungs with each victorious game.

At 6-5 favor of the World team, Philippines had broken dry and Wu jumped up and grabbed his cue while giggling. The order was tall this time though as the World Team faced a table length 1-ball with the cueball close over another ball. It was a jacked up shot that would require draw, power, and accuracy. "Wu!" was shouted out once again.

"I know it's a lot to ask for, but please just make one more tough shot!" admitted Williams later talking silently to himself.

Wu fired in the 1-ball at warp speed and split the pocket without touching a rail and left the team with an open table. Morris left Wu a tough 7-ball, a thin cut down the end rail while partially jacked up. Wu, again, fired in the 7-ball and the cueball bounced 2 rails for a long position on the 8-ball for Hundal. Hundal faced a table length straight in 8-ball with the cueball only two inches off the backend rail. He fired in the 8-ball and made it with a loud shout of "Yeah!" from him and his teammates. Williams faced a straight in 9-ball, but the cueball was only 1 inch off the side rail. He sized up both options of rolling the ball level cue or jacking up and firing it in.

"No extension Charlie" his teammates called out to remind him.

Williams reasserted himself on the shot and opted for the jacked up version. After a few stroked, he fired the 9-ball into the heart of the pocket and dropped to his knee with a yell and fist pump. His teammates all rushed in with Immonen leaping over the railing and hugs and yells were abundant. Team World had beaten the odds and came back against the World's strongest pool country.

Both teams embraced and shook hands sincerely. It had been one hell of a battle over the three days.

"You guys played good. You deserve it." said a sincere Bustamante. Alcano smiled warmly and shook hands with all the players.

"They have more experience playing team events, and that helped them. They were the better team at the end." admitted Pagulayan.

"We scraped and clawed our way to the end. I felt like we were smashed against a high wall and hanging on with fingernails. I never played so hard in my life. But we fought and stayed positive as a team and never gave up. Everyone contributed, without exception. And Wu, well....he's absolutely incredible. He came through for us time and time again with every tough shot. That kid is the real deal. " said Williams. "This is one of the greatest events I have ever played in my life."

"The atmosphere here is electrifying! This is how I wish all the events we play in was." said Hundal.

A second installment of this event is already in the works for 2009. Sponsor and network interest was high after the massive media and audience attention. "We will definitely do this event next year. We're really happy with the success of the event." said Bugsy Promotions Owner and BMPAP Co-Founder Perry Mariano.

"I'm really proud of our team. We played smart and never took anything for granted." said Captain Morris. "Charlie was our anchor today on and off the table with his spirit. Wu was awesome, that kid is so talented. Raj, Mika and Thorsten all made critical shots. The Taiwanese and Chinese, they really bonded with us despite the language barrier. The Philippines Team, what can you say but that they are the best. But today we showed the world that we have heart, too."

*The Philippines vs The World aired live on Solar Sports.

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