Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's How You Are Educated at Nouveau University!

Nouveau University GraphicDennis Samson, a billiards buddy, sent me an email asking about Nouveau University. My pool player friend read my posts on Nouveau University and wants to know more about it.

Founded by Jim Piccolo, Nouveau University offers entrepreneurs and small business professionals practical knowledge designed specifically to help them realize ideas and secure their careers. Nouveau University is a novel business university that offers associate and bachelor programs in real estate investing, finance, accounting, small business management, and marketing.

The classes at Nouveau University are dynamic – all geared to harness important applications, relevant instruction, and collaborative learning - to deliver one satisfying and truly worthwhile educational experience! All faculty members at Nouveau University are qualified, and each has years of experience in their respective fields.

What is also interesting about Nouveau University is it is affordable! Tuition at Nouveau University is competitively priced, friends. And for those not in the know, it also offers scholarship opportunities! Thus, enrolling at Nouveau University is simple as selecting the program of study that will best meet one’s needs!

If you want want to accomplish great things and more, check out Nouveau University. It could be your ticket to good education and success! And I kid you not!


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