Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Charlene Chai & Ricky Chew with Rubilen Amit, Mary Ann Basas & Boyet Asonto!

Billiards pals and pool player friends, here is a YouTube video featuring Singapore’s number one female pool player, Charlene Chai!

Charlene Chai, together with Ricky Chew (one of Singapore’s best billiards coaches), had a get-together (September 2008) with Rubilen “Bingkay” Amit and Mary Ann Basas, the Philippines’ numero uno female pool player and snooker player, respectively. With Amit and Basas was Edgard “Boyet” Asonto, one of the top billiards coaches in the Pool Capital of the World!

It’s fun and excitement with some of the world’s best at the AMF-Puyat Superbowl, Makati Cinema Square, Makati City! And I kid you not!

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