Monday, December 1, 2008

Engagement Rings, Diamond Rings & Loose Diamonds at James Allen!

James Allen GraphicTo billiards buddies and pool players who may be looking for diamond rings, engagement rings, or if you are a hobbyist looking for loose diamonds, do check out James Allen!

Founded in 1998, James Allen offers the world's most beautiful diamond engagement rings coupled with the finest laboratory graded diamonds – all at popular prices! Known as one of the largest and most successful of all diamond retailers on the Internet computer network, James Allen is often featured and highlighted in trade magazines, e.g., "National Jeweler."

The site, which is easy to browse and secure, also features an interactive demonstration of the importance of diamond cut. Moreover, tips and tools on deciding which diamond is right for you abound at this very informative site! Truth be told, James Allen is a one-stop jewelry shop! And I kid you not!


Carina said...

The Wonderful features are diamond photographs for over 15,000 loose diamonds, which makes it unique and only retailer online. To make your choice wise they are all professionally photographed and nicely published. James Allen also has wide varieties of stylish jewelry to suit every occasion. Whether you are hunting for amazing diamond ring or wedding ring or any other diamond jewelry, this is the right place that will suit your taste and budget.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Many thanks for the added info!


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