Sunday, December 28, 2008

bilyar.NET Christmas Party & Mini-Tour at Hobbies of Asia! GraphicBilliards buddies and pool player friends, bilyar.NET held its first Christmas Party last night, December 27, 2008, at the Hobbies of Asia Billiards Hall, Macapagal Avenue, Pasay City!

Many thanks to everyone who graced the 2008 bilyar.NET Xmas Party! These include Pacman, Boy Pulbos, Magnum, TG, Jogo, 1Ball, Raizen, Supremo, Vesuvian, Mark, 91, Alex, Softbreak, Shark, Jason, JayT, Buzzer, Boyong, and Efren Bustamante!

Much thanks to friends, i.e., Boy Pulbos, Buzzer, Jason, Jogo, TG, Pacman, and Efren Bustamante, who brought in all the great food and drinks! Pansit with chicharon bits, roasted chicken, Yellow Cab Pizza, Aling Kikay’s bibingka, and California Maki were the order of the day! Beer and sodas were overflowing, too! Truth be told, lahat "pinilit" kong tikman lahat!

And more thank you’s go out to my good friend Arvin Arceo, aka Efren Bustamante, who sponsored the grand prize for the raffle, and my buddy, Jay Tantaritas, who brought in the Mini-Tour prize! Maraming salamat, mga kapatid!

Thank you to our friends from the Makati Pool Players Association, who graced the event – albeit late. :) Ika nga, huli man daw ay okay lang! They are Noel CueTip, Alvin Spotter, Danny Hapon, Jojo, Manuel, and Tata Bert Pasay!

Maraming salamat sa ating mga kaibigan sa Hobbies, i.e., Anton, Anna, and Lino, who really took care of everyone's needs last night! Never talaga ako/kami napahiya sa inyo! My hat's off to you, friends! And thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Danny Bariso, owners of Hobbies of Asia Billiards, for having us! Kudos!



Champion: Softbreyk - $2,000

1st Run-Up: Mark -$850
- He flew in from Taiwan & made the party an international event –

2nd Run-Up: The General - $350 with The Night's Special Prize!

WINNER: Softbreyk
*One beautiful induction cooker from Japan
Wala ng minor-minor prizes - grand prize agad! Iba eh! MISMO!

A special note to Pacman:

Pareng Vic,
For the nth time, thank you very much for the tireless efforts and all! Your passion knows no bounds! I owe you so many na! You the man brother!

And lest I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PARE! Yes, you've read right, friends! The 1st ever bilyar.NET Xmas Party coincided with the birthday of our good friend!

*Jun & Blowfish:
Truth be told, miss namin kayo, mga brad! With hope, next year sama-sama na uli tayo!

To my brothers and sisters at bilyar.NET

Thank you for gracing the event with your presence! From Trece Martires, Cavite to Antipolo, from Quezon City to Batangas, from Taiwan to the Philippines, north to south, east to west, maraming salamat sa pagdalo!

'Twas an unforgettable night for me! For everyone! Tawanan! Kulitan! Alaskahan! Seryosohan! Masaya talaga! And I kid you not!
My heart goes out to each and every one of you!

Maraming, maraming, maraming, maraming salamat po!

Mabuhay ang bilyar!
Mabuhay ang manlalarong bilyarista!

*Last night, I sat in a corner of the pool hall and silently dedicated the event to Angelo R.R., a son of one my good friends.

Dear Angelo,

The 1st bilyar.NET Xmas Party was for you! Yes, you've read right! It's success and all, I dedicate 'em all for you, iho! Did you see how well your dad played last night? Tinambakan ko na ng tatlo, tinalo pa ako!

Lest I forget, Angelo, this post is also for you, too! And I know that you've always knew, but let me just say it again: Your Mom and Dad, siblings, and Lolo and Lola love you. They love you very much!

Tito A-Kid

"There can be only one: The AnitoKid!"

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