Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Charlie Williams' Thoughts on the World Grand VILLARds Billiards Event!

World Grand VILLArds Showdown GraphicBilliards buddies and pool players, here is Part 2 of 4 of Charlie Williams’ thoughts on the just-concluded QC Invasion: Quezon City-Philippines vs. The World Grand VILLArds Showdown billiards event held at the Trinoma Mall in Quezon City!

Just like the first part, this one is an interesting read, everyone! And I kid you not!

Thrilling Finale : World Team Upsets Team Philippines!
Day 2
By Charlie Williams

The second day started with Immonen leading the way in a 7-5 win over Orcullo. Orcullo started off punishing Immonen after a few mistakes by the Finn, but Immonen bounced back from a 4-1 deficit and won the match. The next match was won by The Philippines and the see saw would begin. Morris was disgusted after his loss with teammate Hohmann after many errors and became more aggravated when teamamate Immonen shared additional criticisms. "Look man, I dogged it. Happens, ok?" The two teammates quickly bonded back before the next match to root their teammates on, but the tension was definitely building as the scores were getting tighter. On the Filipino side, the normally subdued and quiet Filipino wizards were getting more and more excited visibly with cheering and laughter rising with every win.

"The first day the guys (Team Philippines) didn't really get into it and wasn't even sitting behind the players playing unlike the World Team. Today they came back and supported each other and now we all see the impact of them coming together as a team." said Ish Capparas, Director of Puyat Sports.

Then Philippines came back again in the 4-on-4 and the pressure on the World Team was mounting. Wu then relieved some stress with a 7-1 pounding of Gomez including two 9-ball breaks off his powerful snap. With the score 5-3 in favor of Team World, Williams vs Van Corteza would decide if Team World would extend their lead to 3 matches going into the final day or if Philippines would close within one. Van Corteza cruised to a 5-0 lead without giving Williams any opportunities. Williams fought back to 6-4, but missed an easy 6-ball to make it 6-5 and have the break. Philippines would gain a match back for the final day 5-4.

"Sorry guys. I dogged it." said Williams to his teammates. "When you make mistakes in team events, it's much worse cause you feel you let other people down that are counting on you." explained Williams.

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