Monday, October 6, 2008

SGI myBook Laptop: Filipino-branded Notebook Personal Computers!

SGI myBook Laptop GraphicBilliards buddies and pool players, guess what! Solid Group Inc. (SGI) is making a comeback via the introduction of Filipino-branded notebook personal computers!

From what I could gather, SGI president David Lim is contemplating of coming up with its own brand of laptops by the first quarter of 2009! David Lim hinted that the “myBooklaptop would be comparable to the Asus mini laptops but with more power.

Way to go SGI! You definitely recognized the ingredients needed to become big in the consumer market, i.e., communication, consumer electronics, and computers! Am looking forward to the release of the new “myBook” - and I want one! And I kid you not! Good luck, SGI!

*SGI just debut its offering of LCD television sets, under the myScreen brand. The company is also set to launch 10 models - yes, 10 models - of its myPhone mobile phone series. One of these new models will integrate an AM radio for as low as P2,000/unit!

SGI will also be introducing four or five dual SIM phones, which will be sold for P3,500-8,500. Moreover, the firm will introduce a new music phone in October 2008. Among its myPhone models are the “Touch Series” or touch phones such as T11 (multimedia phone), T22 Duo (dual active sim phone), and the T33.

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