Monday, November 10, 2008

Filipino Pool Players Face Ban! BMPAP, BSCP & The State of Billiards in the Philippines!

Billiards GraphicBilliards buddies and pool players, I just saw this interesting read yesterday from the ABS-CBN News site.

The article, Villar Cup Players Face Ban in BSCP, WPA Tourneys, reads:

Filipino cue artists who will see action in the Bacolod City tournament of the Billiards Managers and Players Association of the Philippines this month will be banned from participating in all events sanctioned by the Billiards and Snookers Congress of the Philippines and the World Pool-Billiard Association here and abroad.

"Ang mga players na sasali sa Bacolod event ng BMPAP ay hindi na pwede sumali sa BSCP at WPA events [at] hindi rin ipapadala sa mga APBU events," a joint statement by the BSCP and the Philippine Billiards Development Foundation said Saturday.

The statement said the decision was reached following BMPAP members' boycott of the inaugural World Ten Ball Championships in Manila last month.

Players who would want to join WPA events in 2009, meanwhile, were advised to register for membership with BSCP.

"Ipinapaalam din ng WPA sa mga players na simula Enero 2009, kailangan miyembro kayo ng BSCP para makasali sa world championship tournaments at iba pang WPA events," the statement said.

The Bacolod event is the latest in a series sponsored by Senate President Manuel Villar. The event, dubbed "Senate President Manny Villar Cup", kicks off November 13 at the Garden Royal Function Hall of Goldenfields Commercial Complex.


Just some questions here, friends. This means that BSCP and WPA will ban, among others, Efren Bata Reyes, Francisco Django Bustamante, Rodolfo Luat, Alex Pagulayan, Dennis Orcollo, Ronnie Alcano, Roberto Gomez, Gandy Valle, Lee Van Corteza, Ramil Gallego, Warren Kiamco, and Antonio Lining, right?

Pardon my thoughts, but who is going to watch a tournament that bans the Philippines’ best, and who are in fact some of the uber-favorites in the world of billiards? Yes, the move may lead to the discovery of new talents and all, but would such a tournament last without the best players around?

I absolutely do not see the logic here. And I kid you not! If this ban pushes through, then it is only a matter of time before BSCP and WPA find themselves alone - and isolated - from here to Timbuktu!

More thoughts - Does the WPA back this statement of bans? Does it officially back it up? What about the foreign players? Will they also be banned from WPA competitions for participating in BMPAP events? What about Matchroom Sports? Will it be okay for Matchroom Sports not to have the top Filipino players slug it out with the world's best in its competitions? And how about those participating in the upcoming 9-Ball Grand Billiards Showdown? Will they be banned too?

If the issued statement is officially backed by the WPA, then this would go against the WPA's by-laws. For truth be told, the WPA has no right to ask for sanctioning fees from the Villards Cup, thus, has no jurisdiction over the pool players who participate! None, whatsoever!

Before issuing such statements, please consider the consequences on the respective associations and its members. Believe you me, such decisions and actions should not be made lightly! One should carefully weigh everything and think not just once about it, nor twice! For crying out loud, contemplate about it a hundred times! For truth be told, such will have dire consequences for the industry as a whole! And you have my word on that!

I long to see peace in Philippine billiards – the pool capital of the world! I really do! I have said it before, and I will say it again! My only wish is that everything will turn out for the best for the country’s billiards industry, with emphasis on the Filipino pool players. Because truth be told, they (the Filipino pool players) are the ones truly responsible for putting the Philippines on the billiards map and making it what is today - the pool capital of the world! And you can quote me on that!

It will be interesting to see what develops from here on. These are my thoughts. These are my views. What do you think, Thinker?

"We are living in the Age of The Anitokid!"

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