Thursday, November 20, 2008

PokerListings: Amazing Online Poker Info & Market Pulse!

PokerListings GraphicBilliards buddies and pool players, I was browsing the World Wide Web information retrieval system for news and developments on online poker when I came upon PokerListings. Believe you me, PokerListings has everything! It could very well be the world's most comprehensive website on online poker and poker! And you have my word on that!

PokerListings features a ton of poker information, e.g., play strategies and tips, in-depth analysis of online poker rooms, bonuses and promotions, tournaments, freerolls, and get this, the largest online poker directory with over 1,000 links! Yes, you’ve read right – more than a thousand links! Wow!

But wait, there’s more! PokerListings has another great feature that kept me glued to my seat - Market Pulse! The Market Pulse section allows anyone, and everyone, to follow the online poker industry right in the comfort of one’s home! It tracks millions of hands a month, the biggest pots, player traffic, and so much more! Every information category is well placed and organized, too! Such include the top online money makers, highest online losses, online traffic report, biggest pots won online, real-time table finder, least and most aggressive poker players, famous players, etc. And oh! It even has an online poker player search!

With such information readily available, poker players have everything at their disposal to make informed, intelligent, and detailed comparison of anything related to online poker and poker! Truth be told, such massive info correlates with power and all! The power to win more! And I kid you not!


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