Friday, November 28, 2008

Powerful Time Software at Atlantic Global!

Time Software GraphicEric Ylagan, a billiards buddy from Marist School, is looking for sites offering time software. My pool player friend wants a powerful enterprise timesheet and expense management software to accommodate his contractor management and resource tracking needs.

My ever-dependable online search tools highlighted a number of sites, including that of Atlantic Global’s Timesheet, Expense & Project Management Software. Atlantic Global’s time software features a ton of great features, such as automatic entry, time tracking, time sheet billing, easy reporting access, and more! Such powerful options in a time software will definitely allow anyone, and everyone, to plan projects, manage resources schedules, forecast costs, and revenue – all at the same time! And I kid you not!


Time Tracker said...

If you're interested in time tracking solutions, have a look at

With, QuickBooks and FreshBooks integrations, along with an iPhone specific mobile time tracking application, there's something for everyone at TSheets.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Much thanks for the link!
Will check it out!
And I kid you not!


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