Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hydraulic Press Service, Deep Draw Tooling & Press Hardening Services at AP&T!

AP&T GraphicRonald Jacinto, a billiards buddy, is looking for hydraulic press service sites. My pool player pal is also on the lookout for sites with deep draw tooling and press hardening capabilities. I found about a dozen of good sites pertaining to such, including that of AP&T.

AP&T builds such very specialized machines that make things out of metal, e.g., those used in the automotive parts industry, cylinders, and more. What is particularly interesting about AP&T is its hot stamping technology – a way of forming metal. Moreover, AP&T hydraulic presses are built to meet the demands for stamping, forming, and deep drawing of the world’s high tech metals. Did I mention that AP&T's deep draw presses are recognized as the industry leader? Yes, it is true! And I kid you not!

For those looking for hydraulic press service sites, do try AP&T! It’s a complete production solutions site!


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