Sunday, November 23, 2008

Know What to Blog About! It's Blogs & Blogging at Thoughts dot com!

Thoughts GraphicAnton Falcon, a billiards pal, wants to know more cool blog sites. My pool player friend is planning to start blogging in 2009 to share his thoughts and views with everyone the world over. Happy to know about his plans, I searched the World Wide Web information retrieval system for blog sites that could be of interest to Anton Falcon. My search results highlighted a number of cool links including that of is a novel site with interesting conversations and debates. Everyone will be happy to know that membership at is absolutely 100% free! Its most popular features are the free blogs and active discussion forums. For those not in the know, all free blog accounts come with unlimited bandwidth for posting blogs, uploading photos, videos and creating polls! And I kid you not!

For those who wants to meet new people and make friends, is also just the site for you because it is a community page where one can find a very supportive group of people blogging about their thoughts and all! Other things that bloggers can do at include create blog posts, share photographs and videos, share music files and podcasts, post in forums, discuss current events and news, and meet new people.

For those who wants to have a good overview of what blogs and blogging is all about, and what to blog about, visit! Truth be told, it is a must-browse site!


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