Sunday, November 23, 2008

41st All Japan Championships: Top 8 Players!

All Japan Championships Graphic41st All Japan Championships – More upates!

Billiards buddies and pool players, I just got off the phone with my good friends in Japan for another round of updates on the ongoing 41st All Japan Championships! We are in the top 8, friends! And I kid you not!

Only eight (8) players are left in the prestigious All Japan Championships, everyone! These include four Filipino pool players, three Japanese, and a Finnish! They are

Efren Bata Reyes, Alex Pagulayan
Ronnie Alcano, Antonio Gabica
Satoshi Kawabata, Naoyuki Oi, Tomoya Iima,
and Mika Immonen!

Tomorrow's matches include those of Efren Reyes vs. Ronnie Alcano and Alex Pagulayan vs. Antonio Gabica!

Good luck, kabayans!

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