Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jasmin Ouschan: Suspension & Appeal!

Jasmin Ouschan GraphicFor billiards buddies and pool players asking about the suspension meted on the popular Jasmin Ouschan, here is a copy of the press release from the WPBA Touring Pro.

The Austrian Jasmin Ouschan, Winner of the WPBA Tour stop in North Carolina, was suspended for two tournaments by the WPBA Board (Women´s Professional Billiard Association). This suspension concerns the tournament in Florida which starts tomorrow and the first event in the new season. The reason for this suspension is, due to WPBA Boards statement, Jasmin Ouschans participation in the 10 Ball World Championship in Manila which was on the same date as the WPBA event in Oregon.

"Of course I am surprised about the decision and disappointed but I also have to understand the WPBA who wants to protect their tour. But I made my decision in time and announced it according to their rules. As a sportswoman I stand up to my decision that I chose to play in a World Championship, which was sanctioned by the World Pool Association (WPA) the only institution in our sport which has also the WPBA as a member. I think it was the right decision since a World Championship is one of the highest event in sport. That these two events were conflicting is not my fault but now I am the one who has to pay for it.“

Jasmin Ouschan says about the consequence of this suspension: "Due to my last victory on this tour I could finally change my ranking position. Because of my participation at the 10 Ball World Championship I already missed one event and so it hurts even more that I can´t play the last one either and so I miss about a third of the total points. Since the new season is also affected by the suspension I will have one less tournament in my valuation, I certainly changed my expectations.”

The current decision is not yet legal, since Jasmin Ouschan used her right to appeal.

A final decision should be available in the next 30 days.

*The issue is currently under appeal by Jasmin Ouschan. The WPBA has no further comments at this point in time. And I kid you not!

Good luck on your appeal, Jasmin!

"The AnitoKid - go for it!"

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Anonymous said...

In hind sight, it appears that the actual screw up was with management. It was the complete lack of communication between the WPBA, the WPA, and those who put together the 10-ball World Championship. The error was the long list of business suits in these organizations who didn’t even have the brains to realize that a conflict would take place between the 10-ball tournament, and the 9-ball tournament at Chinook Winds.

Ignorance or incompetence: Which is worse? If these people were good at what they get paid to do, this never would have been an issue.

Ms. Ouschan is good at HER job. Ms. Ouschan strives to do better, to test herself as illustrated by the fact that she chose to participate in the 10-ball tournament. In a manner of speaking, she did nothing wrong since the error of conflicting schedules was not her fault. She was simply doing her job - Playing pool.

In the end, it was the suits in management who screwed things up. Yet they are not the ones who get fined for their incompetence. It was Jasmine. How quintessential American.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Very, very, very good thoughts!
And I kid you not!


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