Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cool Massage Videos at Aesthetic VideoSource!

Deep Tissue Massage

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Abbie Castillo, a billiards pal, is currently looking for massage videos. You see, my pool player friend wants to learn how to give a deep tissue massage, and has requested if I can help her out find some massage video links. Not known to disappoint, I activated by online search tools to find such. I came upon thousands of interesting links, including that of Aesthetic VideoSource.

Aesthetic VideoSource features great massage videos, including one on deep tissue massage. As everyone knows, deep tissue massage is the therapist's answer to addressing deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia. It utilizes some of the same strokes as classic massage therapy, but in a intense manner. It works on specific areas of tension and pain to release muscles and adhesions, increase range of motion, reset muscle memory, and reduce primary and secondary distortions.

Aesthetic VideoSource's 3-part DVD series demonstrates how to give therapeutic deep tissue massage on the extremities, pelvic girdle, and shoulder girdle. Each DVD includes demonstrations on the anterior and posterior. The video walks one through routines for warming up, establishing client communication and trust, performing advanced massage and stretch techniques for specific areas and complaints, determining primary pain versus opposing distortion, balancing, and flushing toxins.

The video has been made possible by Meade Steadman, a licensed massage therapist and instructor for the Myotherapy College of Utah and the Myotherapy Institute of Massage. For those not in the know, Meade is also the featured expert in other instructional videos that have received countless awards and accolades.

Thus, for anyone, and everyone, looking for massage videos, do try Aesthetic VideoSource's 3-part DVD series. It is one great buy! And I kid you not!


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