Monday, January 19, 2009

Predator 314-2 FAT Shaft: Now Available!

Predator Fat Shaft GraphicFor billiards buddies and pool players looking for a pool cue shaft with unbeatable action that comes in with a thicker, stiffer feel, do try the Predator 314-2 FAT shaft!

Truth be told, one’s accuracy is naturally improved when they play with a shaft that fits your playing style. And for those looking for the old-school comfort of a thicker shaft, the 314-2 FAT with its 13.2 mm tip and thicker pro taper is just what your game needs! And I kid you not!

Originally developed for Taiwanese professionals, the Predator FAT Shaft is now available through dealers worldwide. Yes, you’ve read right, friends! The Predator FAT Shaft is now available for all pool players!

For more info and all, visit Predator Cues’ website. Browse it to locate a dealer in your area – NOW!

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"The AnitoKid loves Predator technology!"

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