Thursday, January 1, 2009

Set Up A Free Blog at Okay Blog!

Okay Blog GraphicA billiards friend from the University of Santo Tomas, Maria Eugenia Abella, has sent me an email with her thoughts on Okay Blog. My pool player pal stumbled upon Okay Blog during one of her searches for free blog hosting sites on the World Wide Web information retrieval system. My buddy has asked for my thoughts on Okay Blog to see whether it could suit her blogging needs.

From what I could gather, Okay Blog is a free blog hosting site powered by the Wordpress blogging software. One can actually create a blog at their own URL, which is provided for free by Yes, you’ve’ read right, everyone! There is absolutely no cost whatsoever!

With Okay Blog, anyone and everyone can actually create a free blog to post updates and developments with regards to anything under the sun. These include facets of one’s life, job, hobbies and recreation, or anything else you choose! Some of the updated blogs I have browsed at Okay Blog include sites on real estate, holidays, webhosting services, health, adult dating, Nintendo Wii, money news, search engine marketing, insurance, ticket broker business, and more!

Thus, for friends who may want to set up a free blog and go into blogging, do check out Okay Blog. Truth be told, you could be on to something big! And I kid you not!


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