Thursday, January 1, 2009

Royce Bunnell on OB Cues & OB-1: YouTube Interview by Samm Diep!

For billiards buddies and pool players who may have missed it, here is YouTube video the featuring OB Cue’s Royce Bunnell being interviewed by one of my favorite billiards personality - Samm Diep.

The interview highlights the history of the OB-1 cue shaft, a performance shaft that performs and feels very well. Royce Bunnell dwells on the design of the OB-1, e.g., wood ferrule, squirt and deflection characteristics, dampening core, hit, and more. The YouTube video also notes OB Cues inaugural line of pool butts, which compliment the way the OB Cue shafts play. The OB pool buts are made by Joss.

It is one interesting video friends! Awesome info and all! And I kid you not!

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