Monday, January 26, 2009

Derby City Classic: Efren Reyes vs Shane Van Boening! OB Cues Debuts OB Break Cue & OB Break Shaft!

OB Cues GraphicDerby City Classic Updates:

Billiards buddies and pool players, I just heard on the grapevine that there could be a possible match up between Efren Bata Reyes and Shane Van Boening at the 11th Annual Derby City Classic (DCC)! And I kid you not!

Truth be told, DCC or not, that would be a match to watch, everyone!

And speaking about the DCC, OB Cues will officially debut the OB Break Cue and the OB Break Shaft at the event! Utilizing technology similar to OB Shafts, the OB Break Cue and the OB Break Shafts are made by OB Cues in the US. It goes without saying that the OB Break Shaft will also fit most popular cues!

The OB Break Cue utilizes Quad Lam construction, Samsara tips, and a special Compound Taper to optimize power. Combined with the OB Break Shaft, pool players are said to be geared to have the best combination of power and accuracy, and control!

Watch out for these two exciting developments at the Derby City Classic, friends!

"It's always exciting times with The AnitoKid!"

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