Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Year-End Review for 2008: A YouTube Video!

Before you click the link, PLEASE READ!

Billiards buddies and pool player friends, it has been another great year and all for everyone! Truth be told, I have received a ton of email asking what to expect in 2009 and beyond. And what exactly are my expectations this year?

More fun and excitement in the billiards scene? More tournaments? More sponsors? More insights and tidbits? Great news and developments? Debut of great pool cues and billiards equipment? Peace, perhaps?

I tell you what, why don’t we all start the year right! Let’s start it off with a bang via a year-end review of what transpired and all in 2008! How about a year-end-review using YouTube video technology? Now, that would be great! However, I have to issue a warning, everyone! This would be quite a tedious task – could be one boring video, too!

Without further ado, sit back. Relax. Put on your head gear! And get ready for a trip to the atmosphere because here is a Year-End Review (2008) in YouTube video! Though not billiards related, IT IS a must-see! And I kid you not!

Now, go ahead and click the link! ^_^

Happy New Year, everyone! All my love!
God bless!

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"Start the year right! Start it off with The AnitoKid!"

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