Monday, February 9, 2009

MAPPA 9-Ball Summit: Pictures & YouTube Videos!

Billiards buddies and pool players, here are YouTube videos of the historic pool competition organized by the Makati Pool Players Association – the MAPPA 9-Ball Summit!

The videos highlight the 9-ball extravaganza never seen before in the Pool Capital of the World – or anywhere in the globe, mind you! From the players’ preparation to opening day, the YouTube videos will take you to a journey filled with fun, excitement, and camaraderie!

They also feature the industry’s who’s who, who made time and all to be seen and be heard at the 9-Ball Summit! They include Bugsy Promotions’ Perry Mariano, Ronnie Alcano, Roberto Gomez, and Joven Bustamante, Negros Billiards Stable’s Rodolfo Luat, 6x World Bowling Champion Rafael “Paeng” Nepomuceno, Rubilen Amit, Iris Ranola and Mary Ann Basas (Philippine Women's Team) with Coach Edgard “Boyet” Asonto, world-renowned painter Rafael “Popoy” Cuzi, FEU Tamarraw Coach Glen Capacio, Pasay City Councilor Moti Arceo, Hard Rock CafĂ©’s GM Calison, Martin Misa and Edwin Reyes of The Billiard Managers and Professional Players Association of the Philippines, and the Godfather of Philippine Pool – Mr. Aristeo “Putch” Puyat.

Produced by MAPPA’s new president, Jesse (Gonzales) Cambosa, in cooperation with MAPPA’s 2009 set of officers and The AnitoKid, the 9-Ball Summit transformed the AMF-Puyat Superbowl into a world-class stage complete with a drink-all-you-can Fundador bar, an eat-all-you-can buffet table, and lovely usherettes! The MAPPA 9-Ball Summit featured the metro’s best pool players, who battled it out for the coveted trophies and prizes on live TV! Yes, you’ve read right, friends! The Philippines’ most famous man of music, Jesse Cambosa, spared no expense and brought the magic of television right into the 9-Ball Summit via ANC21’s Hardball, NBN, and Solar Sports!

So, what are you waiting for friends? Sit back. Relax. Put on your head gear. And get ready for a trip to the atmosphere! It’s YouTube videos of the historic MAPPA 9-Ball Summit!

*On a personal note, please allow me to convey this message to my good friend and one of my mentors – Jesse Cambosa: I know I’ve said it before bro, but please allow me to say it again: Jesse Baby, what you did here was not just unprecedented – ‘twas historic! It’s immortality at its finest! YOU THE MAN, bro! And I kid you not!

Mabuhay ang MAPPA!
Mabuhay ang bilyar!
Mabuhay ang manlalarong bilyarista!

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"It's historic 9-Ball Competitions with The AnitoKid!"

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