Sunday, February 15, 2009

Great Online Blackjack Info at Blackjack Hero!

Blackjack Hero GraphicJames Sebastian, a billiards buddy, is planning to play online blackjack and wants me to help him out search for sites that could aid him in his quest to have fun and win at the same time. My pool player friend read some of my posts on online blackjack and believes that it is about time that he, himself, try out his luck with the popular card game.

My ever-dependable online search tools highlighted a number of good online blackjack sites, including that of Blackjack Hero. Blackjack Hero features good blackjack strategy info for playing online blackjack games. With its objective of being the top blackjack site on the Internet computer network, Blackjack Hero features online casinos recommended for playing online blackjack. A menu of text links on the top and the right portion of the site greets readers searching for that much-needed info on how to play well. It includes links to the main sections of the site, as well as links to articles and posts about various topics on blackjack.

But wait, there’s more! Blackjack Hero also highlights the game’s biggest personalities, everyone! These include posts on blackjack writers Ed Thorp and Lawrence Revere, and modern blackjack heros like Ken Smith and James Grosjean! Moreover, Blackjack Hero has a good coverage of the international scene! Check out its posts on free pontoon games and free Las Vegas style blackjack tournaments!

For those looking for a great resource on online blackjack, Blackjack Hero is it! And I kid you not!


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