Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ziller RealSound Portable Videoke (CHORUS EDITION): Sale!

Ziller RealSound Portable Videoke (CHORUS EDITION)GraphicZiller RealSound Portable Videoke (CHORUS EDITION)

Top of the line in videoke entertainment!

Plays RealSound® - RealSound® songs have orchestra accompaniment, second voice & back-up singers! HINDI TUNOG LATA!


Main Player & 2 Mics
Power Adaptor
Songlist & Manual
Handy Bag
Remote Control
RCA Cable
Mic Cable
USB Cable
Audio/Video Guide


- Chorus Function – Sing with back-up singers
- Multiplex Function
- Easy Song Search Function – Search by Artist, Song Title, Lyrics or Number using the alphanumeric keypad of the microphone or remote control
- MP3 Sound Technology – Songs are specially modified and recorded using real instruments & back-up vocals
- 10 Song pack slots capability
- PAL/NTSC Compatible with autovolt power adaptor
- Picture Background – Make your own picture backgrounds in 2 ways, i.e., external video function (allows you to use any video source like videocam, DVD, VCD player) and USB function (drag and drop photos from your computer)


- Favorite Function – Create your favorite songs playlist for easy access even after the unit is turned off
- Record Function – Record songs using the built-in memory or up to 100 minutes using memory pack
- Configuration – Enables you to change the settings, lyric alignment, choice of scoring level either amateur or professional. External video and background pictures
- Repeat Function – Repeat songs reserved or those in your favorite list or all songs in the entire library
- Singer Showdown Function – 9 ways of singing competition
- Voice Effect Function – Sing like a robot, a chipmunk, and a kid
- Real-time scoring, 2 level scoring

ONLY Php11,995!

*Retails for Php17,000 at SM and Robinson’s; $367 at Ziller's website! And I kid you not! Many units in stock! Call/text: 0929-871-7474 (+63929 871 74 74)

*Ziller's Official Website here:

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Limoeg said...

Great info.Thanks.

home and office storage said...

wow! it's like a magic sing! nice post! i'll check this out at SM :)

THE ANiTOKiD said...


You're welcome!


THE ANiTOKiD said...

@Home and Office:

Enjoy! This is a mighty nice videoke equipment!

And I kid you not!

Anonymous said...

hi yeah, I'm looking for a chips of ziller which is english vol.2 song pack...

have u got stock for that?

hope to hear from u soon...


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